Welcome BBQ and Classroom Information

We invite all school families to a welcome BBQ and a chance to visit your child/ren’s classroom and talk with the teacher. This will happen on Tuesday 19th February with BBQ beginning at 5:30 and classroom talks 6:00pm. Foundation/One, 6.30pm Year 2/3 and 7.00pm Years 4/5/6. All to takes place in the Grove building central area.

School Council

School Council
School Councillors play an important role in the efficient governance of our school and an important part of the beginning of each school year is the school council elections. The term for each member is two years and our members have their terms staggered so that we only have to fill some positions each year, not the whole council. This year there are eight (8) parent positions, four two year and four one year terms, two staff positions and one community member position that must be filled. However, it is important to note that the councillors whose terms are concluding are welcome to nominate for a further two or one year period.
The timeline for the election process is as follows:
1. Monday 18 February – Interested parents may self-nominate or be nominated by another parent by completing nomination forms
collected from the General Office.
1. Monday 25 February – closing date for nominations.
2. Monday 4 March – If required, ballot papers will be distributed for an election.
3. Tuesday 12 March – Close of ballot 4.00pm
4. Tuesday 12 March – Vote count and declaration of poll 4.30pm
5. Monday 18 March – Annual General Meeting 7.00pm
If you would like to know more about School Council or the election process, please do not hesitate to call.

Taking Enrolments for 2019 NOW

New enrolments

New enrolments are always taken throughout the year however during Term Three we are looking for any new Foundation/Prep enrolments to be put in.

Getting these enrolments as early as possible enables our school to begin our planning for next year classes, staffing and funding etc. An enrolment form can be found on the Documents page of this website.

If you would like a visit to our school, please contact the office to organise a day and time. 51661267.