Coming Events/Activities

12th December – Orientation day Year 6

– Orientation/Transition New Foundation and Year F to 5 students from 9.00am to 11.45

13th December – Orientation day Year 6

14th December – Orientation day Year 6

18th December – Year 6 Graduation night

19th December – Whole School Movie Day  Movie Excursion p12 December 2017

19th December – School Concert evening

22nd December – End of Term 4 1.30pm


New enrolments

New enrolments are always taken throughout the year however during Term Three we are looking for any new Foundation/Prep enrolments to be put in. Getting these enrolments as early as possible enables our school to begin our planning for next year classes, staffing and funding etc. An enrolment form can be found on the Documents page of this website.