Key Focus Areas

Some Key areas of work that we focus on in education children at Hazelwood North Primary School.

21st Century Competencies


To meet the varied and individual needs of all students within a vibrant community of lifelong learners.

Some of these competencies include being a confident person, who is adaptable and resilient, a concerned citizen, who is informed about local and world issues, an active contributor, who works in teams, is innovative, takes calculated risks and exercises initiative, a self-directed learner, who questions, reflects, perseveres and takes responsibility of own learning.

To develop these competencies in our children we have developed our School Values (Challenge, Responsibility, Resilience, Curiosity and Collaboration) and children regularly set individual goals in developing these throughout the year.

Challenging Learning: James Nottingham

“Challenge makes a situation more demanding or stimulating and is used to encourage students to learn more than they otherwise would”. ‘Challenging Learning’ – James Nottingham, p 46.

If we are not challenged, or forced to “wobble”, are we reaching our full potential?

We aim at challenging students so that they are able to wobble in their learning and then scaffold this to enable them to develop their new understandings then time to consolidate this learning.

Development of certain attitudes and skills are just as important as gaining knowledge.

To ensure our students develop these each teacher plans and prepares lessons that focus not only on attaining knowledge but also skills and/or attitudes that enhance learning. It is by teaching these alongside each other that students are able to progress in all aspect of their learning. This ASK model of teaching and learning happens across our school.